Describing Cities & City Life

IELTS Band 8
CoursebooksOutcomes Advanced Unit 1

“Sometimes I feel like my only friend is the city I live in…”

Red Hot Chili Peppers (Under the Bridge)

In this unit we’ll look at vocabulary for describing the cities we live in, and describing city life.

We’ll begin by going through some vocabulary for describing cities, we’ll then look at how the city of Medellin has changed since the rule of Pablo Escobar, and we’ll finish off by looking at a tourist guide for a city in the world, for which you’ll make a short presentation on.


  1. Quizlet flashcards
  2. “Beyond the words” (collocations, word formation, etc)
  3. Listening: Post-Narco Urbanism
  4. Reading & Writing: Wikitravel
  5. Further Resources

Statistics (C1 Academic English)


Quizlet is an excellent website for learning vocabulary – especially using the mobile app! It’s perfect for learning via the mantra ‘little but often’.
Below is vocabulary for the topic of statistics:

Vocabulary Extension – Statistics

There’s more to a word than just the word! It’s also important to know opposites, collocations, dependent prepositions, forms, etc.

Next lesson, I’ll begin with a small test on the following!

/ = what’s the difference?
-> = how can you correct this?
-> n/adj/v = change into a noun/adjective/verb
p: = how do you pronounce this?
_ = what’s missing? (Highlight the word to see the answer)

scrutiny -> v
sceptical -> n
anomaly -> adj
cynicism -> adj

bell curve / standard deviation / normal distribution
percentage / percentage point / percent
cynicism / scepticism / pessimism
slump / trough / upturn
conflicting / anomalous / flawed / twisted
to scrutinise / to correlate / to plot