Statistics (C1 Academic English)


Quizlet is an excellent website for learning vocabulary – especially using the mobile app! It’s perfect for learning via the mantra ‘little but often’.
Below is vocabulary for the topic of statistics:

Vocabulary Extension – Statistics

There’s more to a word than just the word! It’s also important to know opposites, collocations, dependent prepositions, forms, etc.

Next lesson, I’ll begin with a small test on the following!

/ = what’s the difference?
-> = how can you correct this?
-> n/adj/v = change into a noun/adjective/verb
p: = how do you pronounce this?
_ = what’s missing? (Highlight the word to see the answer)

scrutiny -> v
sceptical -> n
anomaly -> adj
cynicism -> adj

bell curve / standard deviation / normal distribution
percentage / percentage point / percent
cynicism / scepticism / pessimism
slump / trough / upturn
conflicting / anomalous / flawed / twisted
to scrutinise / to correlate / to plot